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Sports and Clubs

All students are expected to take part in at least two extra-curricular activity per week during each term. The activities are selected to provide academic, physical and artistic opportunities in addition to the curriculum. The extra-curricular programme supports the development of the individual, their access to the current curriculum and their future prospects for study, work and as confident individuals and global citizens.

Developing Talents

We have carefully crafted programs designed to help your child grow in wisdom, knowledge, leadership skills, and creativity, while discovering and developing his/her unique gifts. We understand the uniqueness of each child and value the opportunity to reach each student in a way that will instill a life-long passion for learning.

Creative Activities

Each student will engages in inspiring, grade-appropriate creative activities. Parents have the opportunity to delight in their child’s masterpieces, which constantly displayed in various parts of the school and at special events throughout the school term.


Designed to develop our learners life skills, such as clear communication, self-confidence and teamwork, through the creative platforms of drama, literature and music. It offers opportunities to improve self-expression, strengthen memory and, most importantly, have fun.


Some of the sports offered 

  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Cross-country
  • Football
  • Netball
  • Rounders
  • Swimming
  • Table-tennis
  • Tennis