Roleplay can be interpreted in many ways, but essentially, it is learning through play. Not only does it fuel the imagination of youngsters but it is an extremely strong method in developing social skills. Roleplay can be tried out in different situations and environments, so as well as the very formal form of role play in a classroom setting, it is also hugely beneficial to get outside and create scenarios for children so that they can use their own imaginations, while teachers or carers sit back and observe from afar.

You’ll find that more frequently, schools are encouraging children to learn more in such a setting, sparking imagination through creative play, which transcends well into their futures at primary school, not just in early years. Teachers often find it hard to schedule in time outside of their classroom plans for role play, but it’s not just all in the name of fun, it also has a vital role in developing children’s intellectual and social development. To be able to imagine a different world through creative play is a very important feature when it comes to expanding thought patterns and developing language, as well as empathy for each other. Incorporating special equipment into your outdoor area can in fact enhance the way children learn through play. Our role play equipment gives children the freedom to bring the space to life with their imagination. Developing confidence through acting and performing their thoughts, ideas and feelings; you can even give them an educational topic to create something from.


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